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Information about the company's SIC trades codes

Information about the company's Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) trades codes (UK 2007), as listed in Companies House.

When registering, companies report up to four SIC trade codes that best describe their activities. These attributes return information about the primary trade, division and section codes (the first one reported by the company), as well as an overview of all the trade codes.

Data Attributes

  • PrimaryTrade
    attribute name: primaryTrade
    description: information about the first SIC (UK 2007) trade code (most granular) reported by the company. The following fields are included:
  • Code
  • Description
    • Trades
      attribute name: trades
      description: information about all the SIC (UK 2007) trade codes reported by the company (up to four).
  • PrimarySectionTrade
    attribute name: primarySectionTrade
    description: information about the section SIC (UK 2007) trade code reported by the company.
  • PrimaryDivisionTrade
    attribute name: primaryDivisionTrade
    description: information about the division SIC (UK 2007) trade code reported by the company.

Data Source

Companies House


Registered companies in the UK

Fill Rate


Update Frequency



  • From Companies House site:
    "Companies House is a registry of company information. We carry out basic checks to make sure that documents have been fully completed and signed, but we do not have the statutory power or capability to verify the accuracy of the information that companies send to us. We accept all information that companies deliver to us in good faith and place it on the public record. The fact that the information has been placed on the public record should not be taken to indicate that Companies House has verified or validated it in any way."

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Information about the company's SIC trades codes

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