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Property API

All the necessary property information you need in 1 API call

The Property API provides all the necessary data when you review or underwrite the property. The API collects information about the unit, building and area around the building to improve your accuracy and efficiency.
Depending on the address information that you have received, the Property API will match to a valid address and provide you all the property information which you have selected.

Address Types

The Property API supports address information of three different types:

  • Property resolution with an address
    By providing the address information of the property in the fullAddress as an input parameter the API will try to match to an address, even if the address is incomplete.
  • Property resolution with geographic coordinates
    By providing geographic coordinates - latitude & longitude - as an input parameter the API will try to match to an address, even if the coordinates are not that precise.
  • Property resolution with a Unique Property Reference Number
    By providing the UPRN as an input parameter, the API will match to an address.

Data Menu

You can select from the data menu which attributes you would like to receive for each address. Information about the data source, coverage, update frequency and other information, please see each individual page.


An indication of the risks adjacent to the property

Adjacent risk: Hotel/Motel
Distance: 4 meter

A flag to indicate whether a basement is present

Basement present: True

The height of the building

Height without roof: 12m
Height with roof: 15m

The structure/wall material and roof material

Construction material: masonry
Roof material: metal

The year the building was constructed or refurbished

Construction year: 1975

A count of crimes that have occurred nearby, also aggregated by type of crime per year

Arson and criminal damage: 10
Theft: 5
Vehicle crime: 3

A list of commercial property's fire events with date, location and severity

Fire event date: 20/11/2011
Cause: fault in equipment
Estimated damage: 20 m^2

The Cytora proprietary Fire Risk score, algorithmically determined from a multitude of fire related rating factors

Cytora fire score: C
Key drivers: Distance to fire station (positive); Arson crime level (negative); occupancy (negative)

Typical fire service response times, headcounts and proportions of staff employed full-time/part-time/retained/non-retained.

Average response time: 455s
Number of Firefighters compared to the average: 1.15
Number of Fire appliances compared to the average: 0.6

The risk of flood-related loss

Flood score: C
Flood risk: 0.00000005 £ per year per £ insured

The floor area of the building

Building floor area: 1234 m^2

A flag to indicate the listed status and grade, along with a link to the relevant website entry

Listed building grade: II

The property usage of all units within a same building

Offices: 25
Warehousing: 3
Bars: 2
Restaurants: 2
Gyms: 1

The number of floors within a building

Floors: 5

The property usage type (what the property is used for)

Tertiary classification code: 03
Tertiary classification description: Prison

The type of roof

Roof type: flat

The risk of windstorm-related loss

Windstorm score: D
Annual loss costs: 0.00000005 £ per sum insured

TBC Distance to Fire Station

The distance to the nearest fire station

Distance to nearest fire station: 2.4 km

TBC Socioeconomic Indices

Relative rank of the LSOA against all others in terms of the multiple indices of deprivation: income; employment; education; health; crime; housing; environment; skills; geography.

Overall index rank: 1234
Income rank: 4981
Employment rank: 20219

TBC Sprinkler Presence

A flag to indicate the presence of at least one sprinkler

Sprinkler presence: True

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Property API

All the necessary property information you need in 1 API call

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