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Welcome to the Cytora API documentation. You'll find comprehensive guides to explain what Cytora can provide and developer documentation how to integrate Cytora APIs in your processes. And if there is anything missing or confusing, feel free to raise a question in the discussion. Again welcome! Hope you enjoy it!

Polaris ProductWriter

Use Cytora in your pricing engine to automate decisions and more granular pricing

As of November 2019, Polaris ProductWriter uses Property API to enrich premises with information like construction year, fire scores or any other Data menu attribute.


Polaris ProductWriter suite includes the ProductWriter Toolset, our Runtime Environment (RTE) and uniquely a set of market developed dictionaries that define all objects and properties used across the industry.
Together, they calculate the price of insurance products and associated terms and conditions based on many variables and detailed risk analysis. Our ProductWriter suite has the power and flexibility to deliver thousands of complex pricing decisions every second. It also allows for the rapid change of products and pricing – enabling efficient and effective e-trading of insurance products all whilst protecting your IPR and therefore your competitive advantage.

Enable Cytora Property API in ProductWriter RTE

The ProductWriter clients will communicate with the ProductWriter RTE that will, in turn, communicate with the Cytora API. The minimum requirements to get the integration started is:

  • WSRTE basic client (or alternative client)
  • Cytora API credentials

The first thing to enable is the Cytora Enrichment using the Enable Enrichment Services option in Product Manager.

Enable Cytora Enrichment in Product Manager

Next step is to have the 2 supporting files:

  • CytoraService.dll
  • Newtonsoft.Json.dll

These 2 files are a part of the example CytoraService library and need to be stored in the folder:
This will allow the WSRTE to reference this library.

Configure Cytora Property API in ProductWriter

Settings for the WSRTE are configured in the web.config file and has four additional configuration information:

<add key="CalloutConfigurationFullPath" value="c:\polaris\callout.config"/>
<add key="CYTORA" value="CytoraService,CytoraService.CalloutProcessor,7500, Y, Y"/>
<add key="CytoraURL" value="https://api.riskengine.io/v1/invocations/"/>
<add key="CytoraAPIKey" value="{encrypted key}"/>





Location of the configuration file for callout.



Associates callout key with the dll name and the associated interface assembly. Additionally specifies the timeout for the interface assembly to respond, a flag to denote whether it should provide logging, and a flag to denote whether the WSRTE will report timings regarding callout in the response message.

CytoraService,CytoraService.CalloutProcessor,7500, Y, Y


Specific setting for the Cytora dll. URL for Cytora Web Service.



Specific setting for the Cytora dll. API Key for authorisation to use Cytora Web Service.

{encrypted key}

After setting up the WSRTE, the callout.config will define the configuration details for the enriched data attribute from Cytora.

  <Interface DictName="PropertyOwnersSmallNBRq">

This specifies that for example dictionaries PropertyOwnersSmallNBRs, the property InsurerRatingFactor/Value will be parsed for callout keys with the key CYTORA.

Last, 2 folders need to be created to enable logging for the Cytora library:

  • C:\Polaris\WSRTE
  • C:\Polaris\WSRTE\CallOutLogs

Test the Cytora Property API in ProductWriter

If the Enrichment is active (i.e. EnrichTranName=”EnrichQuotationRequest” is included within the WSRTE Transaction node) a call will be made to the library where a list of addresses to pass to the Cytora Web Service will be built. The WSRTE request is received by Cytora API and can be tracked in the reports of Cytora. The response from the Cytora API sends back to ProductWriter and will return the following response in ProductWriter logs.


Use Cytora Property API in ProductWriter

As an example, the scheme called PropertyOwnersSmallNBRs to reference the Cytora Service. Each premise in that scheme will have the callout to Cytora Property API. The 'InsurerRatingFactor' that is returned for that premises by Cytora Property API can be used in ProductWriter to enable rules and pricing. An example could be:

Fire Risk Score



Discount of 5%


No Action


Loading of 5%






Want to get started?

Please contact Cytora to get the necessary files and instructions.

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Polaris ProductWriter

Use Cytora in your pricing engine to automate decisions and more granular pricing

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