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Credit Rating

Score that reflects the creditworthiness of the company

The model is designed so that each score from 1 to 100 directly correlates to a relational level of risk. The high predictive power of the model can efficiently distribute the ‘bad’ companies to low ratings (higher risk), while higher ratings are assigned to highly creditworthy companies.

Data Attributes

  • Credit Rating
    attribute name: creditRating
    description: score that reflects the creditworthiness of the company. If there is a known reason for the company not having a score, it will be reflected in a description field (e.g. "In Administration).
  • Rating or Description
  • Date

Data Source



Registered companies in the UK

Fill Rate



  • Although we have historical data, at the moment we are just serving the latest value available
  • Approximately 20% of the companies in our population will return a Description instead of a Rating as they no longer have a rating

Updated 9 months ago

Credit Rating

Score that reflects the creditworthiness of the company

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