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Company API

All the necessary company information you need in 1 API call

The Company API provides risk-relevant company data needed to evaluate a submission. It includes information about registered companies and the trade that the company operates in.
Depending on the company information that you input, the Company API will match to a valid registered company and provide you all the information you have requested as attributes.

Company Search

The Company API supports company names and additional information that can be helpful to find the right company:

  • Country Code
    The countryCode input parameter specifies the country where you want the API to search for registered companies. Currently, only GB is supported to search through all the companies in Great Britain.
  • Postcode (optional)
    Entering the postcode of one of the company's trading addresses in the input parameter postcode can be used to help our search algorithm find the right entity.
  • Companies House Number (optional)
    You can also enter a Companies House registration number in the input parameter companiesHouseNumber. Please note this parameter is not compatible with company name and/or postcode.

Data Menu

You can select from the data menu which attributes you would like to receive for the company. For more information about the data source, coverage, update frequency and other information for each attribute, please see each individual page.





Important dates and current category of company accounts

Next Due Date: 2020-09-05
Last Update Date: 2019-09-06
Category: Full

Country of Origin

Country where the company originated

Country of Origin: Italy

County Court Judgements

The County Court Judgements reported against the company

Total Judgement Count: 3

Total Judgements Amount: 5000 GBP

Credit Limit

Recommended maximum amount of credit that should be offered to this company

Limit: 500
Currency: GBP
Date: 2019-10-10

Credit Rating

Score that reflects the creditworthiness of the company

Rating: 95
Date: 2019-10-10

Date Established

Date the company was established

Date established: 1995-10-03


Summary of the status of the company's mortgages

Outstanding: 2
Partially Satisfied: 3
Satisfied: 1

Number of Employees

The number of employees registered at the company (latest figure available)

Number of Employees: 1000


Information about the number of limited and general partners at the company

Number of General Partners: 2
Number of Limited Partners: 3


The number of trading sites linked to the company

Number of Sites: 4


Trading status of the company

Status: Active


Information about the company's SIC trades codes

Trade code: 31090
Trade description: Manufacture of other furniture


Annual company turnover (latest figure available)

Turnover: 100000
Currency: GBP
Date: 2019-12-31


The legal entity type of the company

Type: Private limited with Share Capital

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Company API

All the necessary company information you need in 1 API call

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