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Welcome to the Cytora API documentation. You'll find comprehensive guides to explain what Cytora can provide and developer documentation how to integrate Cytora APIs in your processes. And if there is anything missing or confusing, feel free to raise a question in the discussion. Again welcome! Hope you enjoy it!

Quick start

Introduction to the Cytora API platform

Cytora transforms underwriting for commercial insurance. We provide the data infrastructure that enables insurers to underwrite more accurately, enhance efficiency, and deliver better experiences to customers.


Authentication is required to access every Cytora API. If you have Cytora account credentials, you can start making API calls today. If you don't have an account, you'll need to request one.


I don't have a Cytora account

Head over to our contact page to request a Cytora account. All our documentation is public, so feel free to keep browsing in the meantime.

Cytora uses Auth0 for authentication and supports two authentication methods: bearer authentication and basic authentication.

Bearer authentication

Provide your username and password once to request a JSON web token (JWT). You can then use this token to authenticate any API call to Cytora. This token will expire after 24hrs. Bearer authentication makes use of the Authorization HTTP header.

This method is ideal for building UIs where a user only wants to provide credentials once to log in.

Basic authentication

Provide your username and password, Base64 encoded, with every API call to authenticate. Basic authentication makes use of the Authorization HTTP header.

This method is only suitable for server-side applications.

Read more about authenticating your API calls and generate JWTs in the docs.

Test the APIs


HTTPS requests only

Cytora APIs only accept secure (HTTPS) requests.

Time to browse our API documentation and get started making insurance programmable.

Cytora for Microsoft

Not an API whizz! Not to worry, we've developed some hand Microsoft Add-ins that bring the power of Cytora to your spreadsheets and email inbox.

Updated about a year ago

Quick start

Introduction to the Cytora API platform

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